14 Don’t Complain about Your Teachers or Bosses

14 Don’t Complain about Your Teachers or Bosses

How many of us leave our profile page open and unblocked to those we aren’t friends with? Maybe it hasn’t occurred to you, but this is a good way to invite trouble along for the ride. If you want to keep your privacy intact, then go set your profile as “private.” This means only those you are friends with can see your info and pictures!

9 Arguments

One of the downfalls of social media is miscommunication and confusion. After all we can’t really interpret the whole message fully without looking at people’s body language and facial expressions. That is why you should avoid arguments over facebook completely. Without solving the issue face to face, facebook can turn sarcasm into something offensive leading to broken relationships and hurt feelings. Instead wait to talk about your problems through real life contact and avoid miscommunication.

10 Sending App Requests

I think I’ll be speaking on the behalf of more than half facebook users saying that NO, we will not play candy crush with you! The constant invites to play games are really pointless and bothersome because it just fills up our notifications and distracts us for no reason . So please, avoid sending game invites to those who never answer them, and stick with those people who share your interests in the game app.

11 Venting about Your Problems

We all have those moments when we need to vent on our problems and let the feelings out, but title loans IN facebook might not be the best place to do that. It’s the same thing as climbing a tower and screaming out your problems on the top of your lungs. Everyone will know your business and most likely they will judge you on your decisions. So unless you want your issues to go public, resort to speaking to a friend or writing your feelings out on a paper.

12 Bad Mouthing People

Remember that when you gossip about people and judge their actions, it is you who is condemned and looked down upon by other people no matter how wrong and disrespectful the other person was. Your ‘friends’ on facebook don’t know the background story, so they will only be left with the impression that you bad mouth people around you. So no matter how justified your claims may be, avoid giving the impression of being a bad person to others.

13 Post Deceiving Information

Just like you wouldn’t want to be fooled by people on facebook, don’t deceive others with your pictures or personal information. There have already been so many catfish stories of people presenting themselves as someone they are not, so don’t give other people the wrong idea of who you are. That means don’t lie about your life style, don’t post over-photoshopped pictures and don’t try to form a facade of a person that you want to be.

Once something negative is displayed on social media, there is no way to hide it and most likely it will always come back to bite you. So no matter how tempted you might feel to express how unfair your superiors are, stay clear of social media. I have personally been a witness to teachers and bosses finding inappropriate comments about them made by their students and workers, and let’s just say things didn’t go so well for those who made the hurtful posts on impulse.

15 Don’t Accept Stranger’s Friend Request

It seems obvious not to accept stranger’s friend requests right? We have always been tiliar faces in real life, but we failed to realize that that also applies to social media. You don’t want strangers to study your life and know your where-abouts. Therefore don’t make it easier for them to stalk your life by adding them as friends and instead make your account private!

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