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Recall candidate Larry Elder’s support for the Trump administration, being unpopular among California’s electorate, as well as his status as a front-runner and likely gubernatorial replacement if the recall was successful, were reported to have helped Newsom defeat it. Mid-summer polling conducted two months prior to election day suggested a close race. Newsom ultimately defeated the recall with a margin of roughly 24 percent after mobilizing Democrats to vote with a message that framed the race as a referendum on him versus Elder and their pandemic policy proposals. Newsom’s campaigning had also invoked Elder’s connections to the inner circle of former President Donald Trump, as well as his history of provocative right-wing rhetoric as a radio talk show host.

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The opposite of Gavin Newsom’s incompetent governorship is one based on customer service. This means a new paradigm for the provision of government services that is modern, performance-based, and geared towards helping Californians. Countless businesses every day carry out the sort of tasks that befuddle the likes of the DMV and EDD. The priorities of these agencies must be completely realigned. The opposite of Gavin Newsom’s lawless governorship is one that respects the rule of law. That means recognizing that written words are binding on those in positions of power.

  • Weber must certify the recall as soon as the fiscal analysis is complete.
  • This starts with eliminating perks like the secret DMV office, so lawmakers have to feel the effects of their own policy decisions.
  • The tactic is designed to let Newsom use his massive and thus far largely untapped war chest to convince voters this contest is really between him and ex-President Donald Trump.
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The most prominent candidates vying expression la porte ouverte à toutes les fenêtres to replace Newsom are Republicans, but most were so little known that rank-and-file Republican voters often had trouble naming them in interviews with CNN for much of this year. Voters do not have to answer both questions, and Mr Newsom has encouraged his supporters to vote “no” and to not pick any of the candidates running to take his job. This was Newsom’s aim from the moment it became clear recall advocates would gather enough signatures to put the notion to a statewide vote. The tactic is designed to let Newsom use his massive and thus far largely untapped war chest to convince voters this contest is really between him and ex-President Donald Trump. But the most common ideas — such as raising the signature requirement above 12 percent, allowing the incumbent to run as a replacement candidate or having the lieutenant governor automatically replace a recalled governor — would require constitutional amendments. State and local officials said the ballot holes in envelopes were placed in the envelope, on either end of a signature line, to help low-vision voters know where to sign it, said Jenna Dresner, a spokeswoman for the California Secretary of State’s Office of Election Cybersecurity.

California Recall: Can I Write In Newsom As Replacement Candidate? Here’s What State Says

The founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, has donated $3 million to defend Mr. Newsom, for example. Show business and Silicon Valley have heavily donated against the recall. Labor groups — unions for teachers, prison guards, health workers and other public employees — have made major donations. So have tribal organizations in the state and major business groups such as the California Association of Realtors and chambers of commerce.

When Will We Know The Results Of The Election?

The recall organizers had submitted 2.1 million signatures by the March 17 filing deadline. Secretary of State Shirley Weber’s office found 1,719,943 signatures to be valid—more than the 1,495,970 necessary to trigger a recall election. Although the 2003 recall of Governor Gray Davis had a bigger voter turnout than the 2002 general election, most off-cycle elections are low voter turnout affairs. Well-organized, passionate interest groups do well when voter turnout is low.3 They are able to get a high percentage of their supporters to the polls. The second question will ask voters to select one of the candidates who have qualified to replace Governor Newsom if the recall initiative passes. Opinions vary on whether holding the election sooner is better for Newsom — or even if the date of the recall matters much.

The grassroots effort to oust Newsom, who was elected in 2018, was launched last year by a group of conservative Californians critical of the Democratic governor’s record on immigration, taxes, the death penalty and the state’s homelessness crisis, among other issues. Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections. Visit us at, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Why Isnt Californias Lieutenant Governor Automatically Made Governor After A Recall?

His opponents who are campaigning for the recall jumped on that comment, saying it will add fuel to their movement, which began as a conservative critique of Newsom’s liberal policies but evolved to encompass voters frustrated with his pandemic-induced restrictions. Who is going to pay for all the illegal immigration that is coming through the open borders? When crime and homelessness hits your surroundings, it won’t leave. When prisons are closed and felons are on the streets, you or your family may be harmed. When a homeless person is parked in front of your house, and there are so many that law enforcement can’t kick them out, you’ll have voter regret . When you retire with less money because so much went to the homeless and illegal immigrants, how will you feel?

If a majority votes against recalling Newsom, he keeps his job and the results of the second question are irrelevant. There are no other initiatives or referenda on the ballot. On Oct. 22, 2021, California certified the results of the recall election targeting Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept. 14. Of the 12.8 million voters who participated in the election, 61.9% voted to retain Newsom, and 38.1% voted to recall. If a majority of voters agree that Mr Newsom should be recalled then the candidate on the list with the most votes will replace him. The Republican-led campaign, which could remove Mr Newsom from office a year early, will take place after 1.7m petition signatures were collected by his opponents and certified by state officials.

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