I’m in contact with a lawyer to get emancipated

I’m in contact with a lawyer to get <a href="https://hookupdate.net/coffeemeetsbagel-review/">coffeemeetsbagel</a> emancipated

Please, someone tell me how this doesn’t make sense? My mom is wonderful, but she’s not stable right now and I don’t want to be an enabler of her issues. anon3424

I applied for financial aid but they won’t give me their tax information

As soon as I turned 18, my parents had me take more responsibility, but I wasn’t really considered an adult yet. Than when I started to work when I was 20, then my parents considered me an adult.

There is a lot of need for improvement and updates People need to speak up for it, before we all lose our beloved kids and nation and its future is nowhere

I’m still at home but pay rent and everything. Now I’m 30-plus. I think we grow and mature and learn from our mistakes over time. anon336983 yesterday

You kids need to realize that the world will not help you. The world is not your parent. Either you let your parents take care of you, or you take care of yourselves. Moving out of your parents’ house is only going to make life harder, and that is pretty much the way of things. Now, if you don’t have to move out, don’t. If you’re being abused, then there are programs out there and there is help out there, but the same rules apply – take care of yourselves – never do anything that is not beneficial to you. Use good judgment. anon3321

It is heartbreaking and seems stupid to allow our kids — parts of our body — to do whatever they want regardless of the religion, culture, customs and family background. only for the sake of sex.

We raise them, giving our blood, lives. The government must need to revise its rules to fix the age of at least 25 as an adult.

Keeping figures and realities and taking data from society and facts, it’s obvious that 90 percent of teens behave irresponsibly.

I am 17 years old and will be 18 in three and a half months. My parents found my pot two months ago and since then, my life consists of going to school with my mom. (She’s a teacher at the high school I attend), my father picking me up for lunch to take me to my college classes in the afternoon and him waiting for me at college to take me home. That’s Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, I work 9 AM to 9:30 PM. And Sundays, I stay home all day. I am banned from seeing my friends because they think that they are the influence. I am grounded if I don’t go to church, I don’t have a vehicle and they are not going to get me one.

I have three thousand dollars saved up in the bank but that’s not enough for a reliable vehicle that I can drive an hour away daily to the local junior college in the small town I live in. I need to get out of this house. It’s causing me to think about just ending it all. I left for an hour once and they threatened to call the cops to bring me back home.

I am planning to live in government housing once I turn 18 and get a link card. I don’t know how I will get a vehicle with no money and no one to co sign on a loan. I don’t have any family. What do I do? Please help. anon3299

I’m 17, and I will be 18 in 11 months. My birth mother died when I was three months, and my dad is in jail. My boyfriend is 20.

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