Through keeping company with these noble elders, God Almighty further polished his character and also increased his relationship with Himself

Through keeping company with these noble elders, God Almighty further polished his character and also increased his relationship with Himself

In China, I had ample opportunity to call people toward God in several areas

Chini Sahib himself narrated that when he came to Rabwah from China he witnessed how the elders of Rabwah would pray with great fervency and passion, observe fasts, perform Etikaf [retire to seclusion for spiritual retreat] and make supplications, God Almighty would listen to their supplications. This had a deep impact on him and he vowed that he would also follow in online installment loans for bad credit North Carolina the footsteps of those elders. At that time he had the guidance of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) , as well as the opportunity to sit in the company of great personalities such as Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad Sahib (ra) and Hazrat Mirza Sharif Ahmad Sahib (ra) . He would derive benefit from sitting in the company of Maulana Ghulam Rasool Rajeki Sahib, Hazrat Mukhtar Ahmad Sahib Shahjahanpuri, Hazrat Muhammad Ibrahim Sahib Baqapuri, Syed Waliullah Shah Sahib and others. ”

He had a quiet temperament and would speak less. However, we have seen that when he would be engaged in Tabligh, he would have extraordinary strength and passion which enabled him to talk for hours on end. On many occasions if he would speak on the phone he would not worry for the time, and hours would pass by. He inherited the quality of hospitality for guests. He would often say that his father was very hospitable. His father would say that as there was no hotel in the village, their house was the hotel. Chini Sahib’s wife would also fully support him in matters of hospitality.”

Rasheed Arshad Sahib further writes, “He was extremely passionate in matters of spreading the message of Islam

Similarly, he would always care about the sentiments of others, irrespective of how tired he may be. On one occasion a meeting was conducted until late. When they sat in the car, someone requested Chini Sahib to visit their house as it was nearby. Rasheed Arshad Sahib says, “We thought that he would decline, however, he agreed to go. That gentleman had made food arrangements for us. We sat until late and returned approximately at 1am. Chini Sahib did not decline the request of the gentlemen, nor did he say that he has to leave quickly.”

Naseer Ahmad Badr Sahib, who is a missionary, writes, “When I was instructed to learn Chinese, I contacted Chini Sahib. During those times I benefitted greatly from Chini Sahib’s guidance and direction. He would guide me through letters.” He then says, “I had the opportunity to speak to thousands of Chinese people and also distribute booklets containing the message of the Promised Messiah (as) .” He further says, “Everywhere I visited, Chini Sahib was spoken highly of and amongst the Muslims in China, he is considered to be an eminent scholar.” He continues by saying, “The literature that he has written will never allow him to be forgotten. The ink that flowed from his pen was an ocean of wealth that he derived and translated from the works of the Promised Messiah (as) , and then distributed to the masses. His eloquence and articulation of the Chinese language has an attraction which has a captivating effect.”

Naseer Ahmad Badr Sahib then says, “I understood this fact when I went to a Muslim Madrasa in China. When I visited for the first time, they did not prepare anything special and showed little interest in my visit. However, after a short while when I returned again, all the Muslims including the Imam greeted me with a lot of love and affection. I asked from one of the locals that when I visited for the first time I was not shown as much love and affection as is being exhibited on this visit. Upon this the local Chinese gentlemen said, ‘The Chinese books that you gave to our Maulvi Sahib [religious cleric], especially the translation of selected writings of the Promised Messiah (as) , were such that they are recited in the sermons. Listening to them has an incredible trance-like effect on us. We have never heard such extraordinary writings in our entire lives. We therefore wish that you should bring us more books like this.’”

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